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New Business Registration

Let The RedHead Solutions set up your new business.

The decision to start a new business is an exciting decision! The RedHead Solutions can help you with the registration process and handle the paperwork for you.


*plus state filing fee

Our service includes:

We submit your Certificate of Formation to the Secretary of State.

Name search of your proposed company. Your name must be distinguishable from any existing business in the state.

Registered agent fee for the first year - $119 yearly renewal fee which include future state renewals (Texas, Nevada & Virginia only)


  • As your registered agent, we accept service of process on behalf of your business. If your mail from the Secretary of State or other State agencies is being returned, or they are unable to reach you, they will contact your registered agent. Having a reliable registered agent will help ensure that your company is in compliance with the state and protect your business.

  • Our services include immediately providing you with your own private and secure online account, which gives you access to forms, filings, legal documents, and information. Any service of process or other documents we receive on your behalf are scanned at our local office and uploaded into your online account, and then you are sent an email with the item as an attachment or notified that you have a new mail item to view and download from your online account. If you don’t respond to our email, we will continue our efforts to contact you until we are sure you have been notified. You can also have us send emails to 5 additional email addresses (for example, your attorney, CPA or spouse) in case we do not get a response from you.

  • LLCs and corporations are required to file an annual report consisting of an annual list of names of officers/directors, and renew their State Business License. At the same time, these entities must file the Business Registration Tax in some states. Your registered agent will receive the notice to file the annual list, but if you don’t file or are late, you will have to pay a late fee.

  • We provide our clients with a secure online account where they can check the due dates for their annual reports. We also send you multiple email reminders to file your annual list on time.


Discounted renewal fee to refile your annual paperwork if you are not in one of the states listed above that can utilize our registered agent service.

EIN application 

Quickbooks account set up with monthly quickbooks discount. (auto billing only) You can optionally utilize our professional bookkeeping service to assist you with tracking expenses & maximize tax deductions.

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